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What effects can be had on the human mind if 0 social communication is had? I dont mean not talking to people in the real world, I mean absolutely 0 interaction with other humans. I know its possible, and i dont have to be sent to a mental asylum to have it. I dont like other humans. By nature, it seems that we are very naturally drawn to other humans. Not just from a sexual/companionship perspective, but from a social/friend perspective. I have not met anyone who talks with no one, on the internet or real life. But seeing as i can rarely find people who want to talk to me, i think its best that i save myself the trouble. I think i will go into complete social isolation for several months. Seeing how it effects my brain, productivity, and intelligence.

I also completely restructured my desktop and server-area.

I think it looks nice. 1st picture is my old computers that i dont use anymore. 2nd one is my server area and the CRT monitor i use to access the servers if SSH wont work or if im feeling like it. 3rd is my glorious thinkpad and last picture is where i spend my entire life. ignore the shitty keyboard. (got it for very cheap on craigslist, its easy to clean so hey.).

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