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Today, I recieved an email from someone who wished to inform me of some "damning" pictures and threads involving me and Heyuri. I took the time out of my day to read what he sent me and archive it, and for the sake of public interest, I would like to share them here.

These are not necessarily in chronological order, nor are they ordered in important or any other factor. So it started out with this. An anon is talking about Heyuri when this person chimes in, linking to a thread, which he is likely the author of, and adding to it a comment stating that he thinks heyuri is a hell-hole.

The thread in question was not about Heyuri, but was derailed into pointless banter later on. Eventually, someone mentions Heyuri in a casual manner, and one particularly pissed off anon responds with this mountain of anger. So, lets go through his points.

  • Those heyuri faggots shill their shitty fucking board everywhere like fucking roaches.(aka mewch)
  • I have never made a single advertisement about Heyuri in my life, and even my predecessor, Lolico, did so only very sparingly.

  • It's not even nostalga, more like nostalgawhoring to attract more people
  • I dont get this one, i sincerely dont understand it. Whats the difference between "nostalga" and "nostalgawhoring"? How do we try to attract more people? I have made it clear in the past that I dont like it when people advertise Heyuri or attempt to draw users to the site in ways that will harm others or Heyuri.

  • they have this retarded deal where they call users's that they dont like "faganon" and i get it, some "faganons" are rude but others are pointing out obvious flaws in the site and dismissing critisism isnt exactly helping.
  • This is not a deal. "Faganon" is a name given by the userbase to a particular user (likely the same one who wrote this post) whos sole and only contribution to the site is complaining. It is only 1 person, although he likes to pretend he is other people, you can tell when he is samefagging because he does not use commas, makes the same spelling mistakes, and talks in the same post-2012 constantly-angry attentionwhoring bitch tone. I never delete posts on heyuris /q/ board unless they are in violation of the rules.

  • Riley James Bell AKA Lolico, former janny of 64chan, who was 16 at the time had a circle jerk to lolicon pornography (not joking, hell thats also how he became friends with kuz) then after attemping to "fix" 64chan, fucked it up real bad and got ghosted. Then he made heyuri by pasting togeather like 6 diffrent old jap imageboard scrips and some 4chan javascript, the thing had several security flaws and kept getting fucked over time. he wanted to be a big hotshot imageboard/internet celeb which is why he fucking doxxed himself and posted his name all over the internet, hell, h started to "dream big" and wanted to have a : heyuri anime, heyuri OS, Heyuri news group reddit style where he can do AMA with other internet celebs or just celebs in general. he wanted to add a upvote downvote system to his board, but then settled with a poll. He was never there for his userbase citing that he had "real life issues" to deal with, but it turns out he was a basement dweller living with his parents, and he wanted to dress like a trap.
  • None of this is about me, but it is full of flaws still worth pointing out. Including the entire paragraph past the "dream big" part all being completely false. I have little to say about this due to it being something more akin to "lolico drama" than "kuz/heyuri drama".

    And on to the second post

  • Yuri Mikoyanovich Kuznetsov AKA Kuz - former owner of 9channel4birds or whatever bullshit russan board which had like 50 users max at the time.
  • Got my name correct, got "9chan8birds" wrong. It was also not a "russian board" it was a set of 94 boards. It had 500,000 active users in 2017. read more.

  • fucked a underaged polish whore and got AIDs. made a CIA teir group that fucks with people irl, and on the internet that he calls "9SEC" got shut down, became a mod of 4chan's r9k where he actively fucked with the userbase.
  • I have never fucked underage polish whores, it is "9CA" not "9SEC" and it is not CIA-tier. Its a group of 9chan/Heyuri moderators who help with tasks in Kolyma. I am not and never have been a moderator on any 4chan board.

  • he became friends with dcpcdev, moot, jim watkens, and hirojew.
  • What fucking order is this supposed to be in? Because I have no idea what time period he thinks all is happening in. I have worked with dcpdev since 2006, and are minor acquaintances with moot and watkins*. I have not spoke to Hiroyuki in over 5 years.

  • then he bought and destroyed whatever small altchans he could buy and tear apart all funded by his older brother FEL who sends him money, and the us goverment via taxpayer shekels.
  • I havent bought any imageboards except heyuri, devyach, and osakaBBS. I did not tear apart any of them, and all 3 are still active and running healthily today. FEL (aka felix) is not my older brother, that is an out of context joke I made 7 months ago. He has never sent me a dime, and is no more than a friend who i talk to on occasion. The US government has never sent me any money either. I would love to see where you find this information.

  • Then he found heyuri. he posts a bit, then joins the disc. loli and kux becomes friends untill they start fighting Lolico is a egotistical cam whore who wants OC and is getting more since kux already has a pre established userbase that lolico wanted to invite over since he has none.
  • Kind of..? This sentence is mostly true.

  • A programmer called akima shows up and they use the bitch as a weapon to fuck over eachother as hard as possible and now its an absolute shit show.
  • *Was* an absolute shitshow.

  • i guess kuz bought off the pedo and now is attemping to re build but i wouldnt even bother taking a passing glance. it's a waste of time.
  • I did buy it from lolico. He is not a pedophile as far as I am aware, but I absolutely condemn him if it is true. Pedophilia has never been tolerated on any site I own, and this extends to Heyuri, since it is now under my control—no loli boards, stop asking!

    next, the 3rd post

  • Remember what i said about kuz being mod of r9k? Well bear with me here. So, kuz went to a con at russia with a bunch of 9channers. halfway through he meets a polish girl named cvnka.
  • Wow, this is a whole lot of nonsense in just a couple sentences. I did go to a convention in saint petersburg, yes. I did not meet a polish girl halfway through, i never met any women there actually. This "cvnka" character was a mere 12 years old when this event took place (2009). If you are wondering, cvnka is the name of an american vtuber and online personality. I have no connections to her, but for some reason, there are very pertinent rumors that we know eachother—I assure you, we do not! Ask her yourself, or, better, stop harassing her with stupid and innapropriate questions about me. Thanks.

  • he leaves with her and they fuck. while kuz is sleeping, she goes and gets his admin passcode and fucks with the site and then leaves
  • Again, she is a tween and on the other side of the planet while this supposedly would have taken place. I think you are reffering to a different event, but this did not involve cvnka, she did not give me aids, and this was not in the same time as the convention.

  • when kuz wakes up he is trying to fix shit and the userbase connects the dots that the polish whore rekt the site. they get pissed at kus and it becomes a joke, and kuz bans anyone who brings cvnka up even to this day
  • I have never banned anyone for mentioning cvnka. This is a retarded joke that ended years ago.

  • He still loves her[...]
  • svenka? nevr herd of her >.>

    In conclusion,

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