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Townhall - What we learned

About 12 Hours ago, at 1:00PM yesterday, I held heyuris first monthly irc-meeting that we dubbed "heyuri townhall".

It was, in my opinion, a success. From what I learned, there are no real "problems" with Heyuri function wise, the number one issue people brought up was posting speed. We discussed many ways to increase PPH, and I have catalogged all of them and will be looking into different ways to bring more people around to Heyuri.

Why not tell 9chan?
This question was asked to me several times throughout the townhall, and I have a finalized answer for you. 9chan, as great as it is, is not Heyuri-compatible. The users simply are not the type of people you would want there, not to mention the majority dont speak any english.

Why dont you just spam advertisements like other sites?
Because thats not a way to attract users, it will only piss off other people and make heyuri look desperate and hostile. If you see heyuri-related spam on your site, IT IS NOT OURS.

As I said, I will look into friendly places to tell people about heyuri, and i encourage you to do the same! But never spam it, and never send it in places that wont attract like minded people.

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