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Rough Start

well... as the day comes to an end, I look back and wonder how I do these things.

I woke up at 11:47, almost 2 hours past when the heyuri release deadline was supposed to be. God knows how many hype parties i trampled.. someone was out there, read to crack open champagne but as the minutes ticked by, they realized that something was wrong—oops!

I had forgotten to set my alarm correctly. Instead of setting one for 10am, i set it for 10pm. I near flung myself out of bed and immediatley got on a call with our lead developer and one of the mods, i fixed what needed to be fixed and released it. Was it pretty? No... it was beautiful, seeing heyuris front page again for the first time was a lovely expirience for me.

In any case.. im so happy to see it back. Heres to a year of uptime! check it out

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