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Development Issues & 9chan Discord Server

1. Development stagnation

As many of you may have heard by now, one of the leading english-speaking developers has quit the project for reasons which will remain undisclosed.

I am incredibly disappointed to bring this news, it renders one of my former posts innacurate (spoke too soon!). However, development isnt stopping, we will continue without him, however slower. Based on some of the mail I have recieved it seems as though people are enjoying SH no matter what.

2. 9chan Discord Server

If you are a user of SH or Heyuri, this likely isnt something you will be interested in, but to all the 9chan users who wish to meet up and hang out with your 9chan friends, you can now, here. - everyone is welcome to join, over 200 9chan users have and counting.

kuznote: by the time I finished writing this, we have reached 400 people. feel free to come on down!

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