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Kokonotsuba Development Notes

Hello everyone. It has been discussed with me recently the moral question about Kokonotsuba being closed source, and while I do believe that making the software open source might help overall, I believe the number of exploits that could be more easily found vastly outnumbers the possibility of real, helpful input being put into the software.

I have made a github repository which contains the javascript kokonotsuba uses to function. You can find that here.

I am once more recruiting more developers for paid positions at the kolyma network. If you are interested, please visit

I have updated the gorechan and loliboard site software to version 1.1 which includes gallery mode, amongst others.

I have moved all of heyuris pre-migration threads to where they can be viewed, but not interacted with.

The ID:??? issue has been fixed.

I created a devblog @

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