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9ch 16 year anniversary

As the day approaches, I am left somewhat awestruck.

Its hard for me to look at 9channels history as one big picture, or a timeline, because I see it in a broken up way. I dont see "16 years" - i see each year on its own and it feels like something uniquely different. For me, its been humbling to have the privalege of enjoying such a community for so long, and without it, I wouldnt have started some other websites, such as KolymaNET, which later sprouted into something bigger than 9ch itself.

9ch grew into something larger than itself. By the end of its lifetime it wasnt just a website, it was like a large family. Personally, 9ch changed my life - literally. If not for its creation I likely would have never gotten into the internet, or even left my small farming town. I attribute my success to its existance.

After almost 3 years of downtime, the spirit of 9channel lives on through fake9ch and devyach. I dont always know what I am even saying here, but I want to convey my gratitude to 9channel and its users, and to the path it lead me down.

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