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In regard to the Gurochan affair

I have created a relatively short and consice statement regarding the recent incident on Gurochan.


I preface this statement by saying that the incident has been completely handled, and is no longer affecting us in any way. My purpose for releasing this statement has been to reveal a side of the story that most havent heard. Over the past two weeks, there have dozens of reddit posts, threads, and chatlogs discussing this event. None of them give our perspective. Some give a non biased, outsiders-look-in. However, most are unsourced, untruthful, and one-sided.

In this statement, I have double, sometimes triple checked what I am saying to make sure that it is accurate, reliable, and trustworthy. I will try my hardest to let as little of my personal bias slip through as possible.

№ 1. Beggining of argument

On February 13th, I sent out a message on the gurochan staff channel. The original message is likely lost to time, but I politely inquired about the potential for advertisements on gurochan, to cover the minor costs of running the site. I could have easily covered the costs myself, but I believed, and still believe, that putting up a handful of non-intrusive advertisements would not harm anyone, and would help gurochan as a whole in its own small way

A couple minutes later, I recieved a response from straitjakit, then co admin and former moderator. He says, exactly "You're not putting ads on gurochan lol". To that I say, "Who are you to decide whether I put ads or not?". We argue for maybe 3 more messages, and then I give up on the proposition and go about my day. 15 minutes later, I recieve a notification from straitjakit, again, the exact message is lost due to him deleting the server. But it was incredibly rude and bitter for no reason. The message ends with "Watch yourself". I tell him to fuck off, as we are co administrators, and he is acting like he is the leader here, DESPITE me paying for the servers, domain, and building the site. I am then banned. No words, no nothing, I am just banned, meaning I have no access to the rest of the team, the developers, et cetera.

To me, this seems like a clear and obvious end of our partnership. Fearing his retribution, I quickly change the administrator passwords for Gurochan. Meanwhile, in the Gurochan server he claims I have gone awol, put malware on the site, and am harvesting user data. He says I have betrayed the team, trademarked things behind his back, and kicked them off the site. Mind you, I had already given up on the ads prospect when he decided to message me again, and had 0 intention of bringing it up further.

I did not put malware or ads on the site, I did not disable https, I did anything with user data, and he knows all of this because he was the co-admin. He more than anyone else had reliable access to this information, and chose to lie about it.

№ 2. Unraveling of lies

A week prior, he first learned about the Kolyma Network and what it is, and is somewhat surprised to learn it is a legitamate company. He says "looks like gurochan has a parent company now" - and, "so kolyma is our legal parent company?" - to which I respond yes, and he seems to be pleased or neutral on this subject, but certainly not dismayed or surprised. I tell him "Kolyma is also going to be the legal protector of gurochan, so we dont have to worry about gurochans previous problems" - to which he is obviously pleased to here.

It should be obvious upon hearing this that he fully understood the implications of such things, that gurochan would *our* legal property. I intended to share it with him. That is, until he kicked me off the team.

Now, back to the argument. After I was removed and changed the passwords, a KolymaNET employee who happened to have such permissions on the discord server, began to ban the users to prevent the spread of misinformation. Another KolymaNET employee "ratted" him out and became close to straitjakit in the immediate aftermath of the instance. With the server all but empty besides a few mods, some rejoined users and the employee, straitjakit starts discussing what he will do.

At first he says he will just use the domain and make his own gurochan site. Upon hearing this, a unkown user informs him of the copyright. The undercover employee confirms. Straitjakit pretends he doesnt know of its existance, and after a conversation with one of the users, decides he will start it under a new name "Guroboard".

The KolymaNET employee relays this back to the central group, which relays it to a law firm owned by the Kolyma Network. The law firm quickly types up a cease and desist letter for "potential copyright infringement" - and I sign it before it is delivered to straitjakit. Straitjakit is confused about the validity of the letter, at first not believing that it is real, and later, upon finding out it is indeed real, says it is worthless and an "empty threat". Two unknown users warn him about the dangers of copyright infringement, and how, even if I was wrong, the resulting court case would be very costly, hard to do, and dangerous for him, whereas the law firm had experience with the subject matter.

Finally, he says he gives up. He deletes the server, but not before making several reddit posts in which he lies about the aformentioned https, data harvesting, and trademarks. To reiterate, he fully, and clearly knew about the trademark - and he without a doubt knew https was enabled and that there was no malware on the site. There is no programming experience necessary to tell that https had not, at any point been disabled.

№ 3. Legal issues

Roughly a day later, 2 KolymaNET employees are on the r/guro discord server, one of which is a lawyer for the Kolyma-owned law firm. They spot straitjakit spreading more misinformation, to which they debate with him. The messages are still clearly visible on the server today for public viewing. The lawyer originally came to the r/guro server in search of straitjakit to deliver a notice from the law firm, claiming that he had falsely, and maliciously misled people and damaged the website, and could be liable for a defamation lawsuit. He is both startled and afraid at first, before claiming he has "first ammendment rights" - despite neither of them living in the U.S.

After he is sent the notice, he tells the guro discord server about it, to which to unknown users reply with contempt - unaware of the situation. An argument ensues, which contains little of value, but is publicly viewable in the guro discord server.

Despite saying he is not worried about the lawsuit, 1 day later, on Februray 15th, he deletes his reddit, discord, and steam account.

№ 4. Prologue

Since then, nothing of interest or importance regarding the incident has happened. A reddit post which tells straitjakits side of the story was posted to the r/guro subreddit. Kaguya, the directory of security at 9CG responds to the post, where he is berated. The post is viewable at

As I have pointed out above, the legal notices were valid, no trademarking was done "behind his back", and no security issues were ever present on the site. Straitjakit is a disgruntled ex partner of the Kolyma Network, seeking to deface and harm gurochan out of spite. Gurochan works, and will be better than ever in this coming update. Yet he does not care, what he cares for is his ego, and the fact that he no longer has control. It wasnt about gurochan, and never was to him. It was about his image.

Thank you for your attention.


Copyright © 2005 — Yuri Kuznetsov