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Under the Jackboot


Although I usually try to keep "political" themed content to a minimum, I find it important, especially in times like these, to make some points. I think its worth mentioning that in this article I will critisize both the left, and the right. I have a mutual respect for the followers of both viewsets, and a mutual distaste of their governors, mayors, speakers, congressmen, et cetera. I of course do not advocate for any violence against these figures.

The Illusion of Freedom

From my experiences growing up in the autocratic nightmare of post-soviet Russia, to my stint of years living in china, and my current residence in the United States, one thing has become abundantly clear to me—At their core, they are ran the same.

Sure, here in the U.S. you are at least given the illusion of freedom, but its just that. An illusion. You are no more "Free" in the U.S. as opposed to traditional totalitarian countries such as China. Throughout the now-dead Hong Kong protests, I believed what they advocated for was good, but they were are the same time riddled with flaws. There is also lots of evidence suggesting that they were fueled by the U.S. Government itself. What thing that stood out to me is their symbolism. They often waived around American flags as a form of protest, as a form of promoting freedom, whilst doing so, promoting one of the least-freedom-respecting countries in the world.

Authoritarianism often takes the form of a national government, political party, or other "bodys of the state", as Mikhail Gorbachev puts it. But here in the U.S., you see a new form of authoritarianism arise, Corporatocracy. In easier to understand terms, the boot pressing into your face is a mega corporation, as opposed to a state.

This form of authoritarianism is likely just as bad, or even worse than regular totalitarian rule, because they are often working hand in hand with the government to create a mutual dystopia. For example, Google knows what you search for, buy, watch, eat, and more. The government is highly interested in this information but cannot really get it by itself. The government doesnt really sell you things, and isnt nearly as involved in your daily life as a company might be, so when working together, you get the proximity of a corporation, and the cold efficiency of the government. A lethal pair. Akin to a snake breathing right onto your neck. The snake is pervasive and will learn everything and anything about you, to push it away, to push corporations away will not only make you stand out amongst the sheep, but it will make you stand out to the sheep. Sure, the government often wont directly censor you, but if your platform is twitter, they can just shut you up there for breaking their arbitray ToS.

Just because its not against the law, doesnt mean you wont be jailed, censored, or even killed for it.

"Believe nothing of what you hear, and only half of what you see."

As optimistic as I usually like to be, I would like to be completely honest in my perspective on the future of the internet. In my humble opinion, it has 2 futures.

  1. A long, corporate, drawn out, death, full of SEO-Raping copy&paste bootstrap sites and censorship. (What we are going through)
  2. A bounce-back into a more youthful, free, and liberated internet. (What "we" are aiming for)

This is part of the reason I loved Heyuri so much (enough to take over ownership), because it encapsulates everything the modern internet isnt. I hope to start more projects of similar nature to it soon.

In closing, the U.S. is one of the least free countries in the world, and you should avoid going near it at all costs.

Be self-dependant while using cyberspace, dont end up like these guys who used FACEBOOK

Free Julian Assange, Free Ross Ulbricht, Free William Ross. Amputate the cancerous tumor called "The United States".


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